Eastern State Penitentiary: A History

ISBN: 978-1596294035

Eastern State Penitentiary: A History documents the stories of the men and the method that shaped one of Philadelphia's most recognizable landmarks. In this superbly balanced and thoroughly researched volume, Paul Kahan presents the history of this revolutionary penitentiary, from its inception as a model of the revolutionary Pennsylvania System of incarceration in 1829 to the demands for its closure in the wake of everincreasing violence in 1971. Through tales of spectacular escapes, official corruption, reformation and retribution, the book explores the tensions that plagued Eastern State since the arrival of its first prisoners.

eastern state penitentiary philadelphia pennsylvania terror behind the walls
Seminary of Virtue:

The Ideology and Practice of Inmate Reform at Eastern State Penitentiary, 1829-1971

ISBN: 978-1433113413

This volume argues that Eastern State Penitentiary's extensive and aggressive educational program reflected a general American belief that correctional institutions should educate inmates as a way of reducing recidivism and thereby "reforming" them. No mere case study, Seminary of Virtue demonstrates that for the last two hundred years penologists have believed that educational programming was one of the keys to lowering recidivism and reforming inmates. Seminary of Virtue also reveals the historical amnesia that hindered American penal reform over the same time period as each succeeding generation believed that their particular penal reforms were revolutionary.

eastern state penitentiary philadelphia pennsylvania terror behind the walls
Homestead Strike Pittsburgh pennsylvania
The Homestead Strike:

Labor, Violence, and American History

Critical Moments in American Industry

ISBN: 978-0415531948


Examining the strike’s origins, events, and legacy, The Homestead Strike illuminates the tense relationship between labor, capital, and government in the pivotal moment between Reconstruction and the Progressive Era. In a concise narrative, bolstered by statements from steelworkers, court testimony, and excerpts from Carnegie's writings, Paul Kahan introduces students to one of the most dramatic and influential episodes in the history of American labor.

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